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Giovinazzi’s Accident: The Wind of Death Is Upon Us

Those who have not seen an F1 race and have just recently returned into this circle, will surely say: This boring, dull and I haven’t missed out anything. We would not say that this is correct.

True enough, the races have been eventless lately – there is a constant component, which remains hidden only in the best situations. This component is danger itself, so often forgotten by the outsiders. Should Hamilton’s series of success and the few overtaking, lasting for 90 minutes be really boring? Indeed, this might as well be a hoax, the false illusion of safety, which work only because the professionals do their job so well.

However, when an error occurs or when a superstar makes a mistake (What can we say, they are humans too…), then something unwanted happens: The wind of death comes upon us.

This is exactly what happened during the Belgian Grand Prix. Antonio Giovinazzi lost control over his car and George Russell got close to him from behind with great speed. Then the protocol applied, the camera image disappeared. Intense 15-30 seconds followed, and then we saw the racers getting out of the smashed vehicles.

These seconds were one of the longest ever (Especially, because this event occurred one year after Anthoine Hubert’s event…); should they ended otherwise, everybody would have longed back after the shitty races.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Formula One

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