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Good News For Formula 1: Season Opener is Near!

The slowing pandemic situation in Europe and the responses of the countries to it have a significant impact on F1 as well. It is more and more likely that an official date for the season opener might be set soon.

 Red Bull’s advisor, Helmut Marko participates as a mediator in the discourses initiated between Red Bull Ring, provincial leaders and F1. The Austrian advisor claims they’re close to reach an agreement!

With strict regulations and tests, the Formula 1 season might begin soon:

“We have received a list of measures from the authorities that we need to respect during the settlement. Our chances are very good but as a precaution we will keep the required distance in the paddocks as well, and wearing a mask will be mandatory. Everyone who wants to participate at the Grand Prix must be tested. We will minimize the number of people present which will affect not only the audience but the media staff as well.” – the expert also implied that the race would be held behind closed gates.

There is also a high probability that not only one race will be held, but the 2020 season will start with a double race:

“It looks like we can have to races. We are ready to organize the Austrian Grand Prix on the 5th of July, according to the usual schedule and then the next week we can have another one in a Tuesday-Wednesday rhythm. I think such an extra weekend would increase significantly the viewership of the sports event and it would be a good advertisement for Austria as well. Since the government is also extremely interested in this, I am very optimistic.” – concluded Marko

 Meanwhile Silverstone is also receiving positive and consistent news and Simon Pringle, head of the track, has confirmed that Formula 1 is working with full capacity on the new race calendar, which may be soon official. According to him, F1 will be able to publish the new calendar at the beginning of May, to which – as already mentioned – Silverstone would also fit.

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Speedweek

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