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Grand Prix of China – Double the odds!

It is well known that life is the greatest director, but the term is very much in place for the Chinese Grand Prix. After the coronavirus epidemic that started its journey from this country was the first to trash their own grand prix, they can now settle up to two.

This also was used as a joke by a head of the Shanghai Sports Office, Hsu Pin, on a radio show. According to him, it is up to them to nod to F1’s offer:

“Several international sports leagues are keen to host certain events in China and Shanghai. For our part, we believe that this is possible at the right time, in the second half of the year. ” Pin confirmed the rumors that had been spreading for days.

Among the “several international sports leagues” is, of course, the name of Formula 1, so that Liberty Media has already made an offer for a double race schedule. Although there is a willingness in the hosts, the Chinese are still in a pending position:

“We haven’t decided yet, it’s just a guideline, a proposal for us from the management of FOM (Formula One Management). What is certain is that there is no Asian track among the top eight races, which is in line with what we ourselves think, which is to have the Chinese Grand Prix at a more distant date. They really want us to make up for our missed race with a double right away, but we haven’t decided on the matter yet. ” – the sports director shortened the question.

Surely the development of the epidemic situation will also play a role in this, in any case we will not be disappointed even if two more European locations trigger the otherwise not very exciting line in Shanghai!

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Picture: Reddit

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