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Günther Steiner: „We need to value Formula 1 much better”

Steiner has argued about how much everyone is already missing a return and that from now on, all players will have to value Formula 1 much more because it is not self-evident that there will always be. Honest thoughts from an honest person.

The Haas team boss feels the recent past has shown how important this sport is. The long break proved to pilots, F1 workers, and fans alike that the racing circus needs to be appreciated much better:

“Everyone really wanted to see me at work already. It was a very difficult time for the racers, the team members, and also the people who are close to this sport. We missed it terribly to get started while everything was terribly plastic: we didn’t know what was going to happen if there was going to be a season at all. Now we can finally start racing, which we are very happy about. We can already see the light at the end of the tunnel and the guys are terribly motivated.

I think now no one will complain about how much competition or hard work that all is. Fans will not be plowing the series either, instead they will be happy to see races again. All of this has made us realize how unclear the good things in our lives are, and therefore we need to appreciate them much better. The missed time was a big blow, but we can make up for it with hard work. ”

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Fotó: The National

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