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Hamilton and Verstappen on the same team? Let’s ENTERTAIN the notion!

What if Lewis Hamilton would get Max Verstappen as his teammate? Even the most optimistic view on this would be war. Two enormous egos, two gigantic characters, different styles and personalities, but almost identical relentlessness. Who would come out on top?

Not counting two short years, six-time world champion Hamilton spent the entirety of his career without a significant opponent. In the two aforementioned years, in the first, the British newcomer overcame Fernando Alonso, then in 2016, Nico Rosberg was the one to defeat Hamilton. We wanted to highlight these two seasons because there were no racers with the quality (or support) that could pose any danger to him in the others.

No matter how big a star Valtteri Bottas is, or that Nico Rosber was world champion, they are both settlers. They are the ones who, with the exception of one or two, accept and comply with all the team’s orders, they willingly take on the role of second fiddle and happily swallow all the bitter pills. Why do we think this? Well, the answer is more simple than you’d think: we are absolutely positive that if the roles were reversed, Lewis Hamilton would never have done these favours.

And naturally, we can already hear the disgruntled voices, and this much is true: the six world champion titles were not flukes. #44 is a racer of exceptional skill, a maverick champion, who cuts his opponents up via psychological warfare, then bleeds them out on the track. At least the ones he can…

Because he’s not had a long-term teammate who acted similarly to him. But then there’s Max Verstappen… Unforgiving, rough, aggressive, cunning and of course, amazingly fast. He thrives under pressure, he looks for challenges and he is not the humble type. He is exactly the type of racers that Hamilton has NEVER had to deal with – and something tells us, that the Dutchman would really give him a run for his money. What could they achieve on the same team? That’s a good question.

Hamilton has experience on his side, as well as the temperament of a world champion. However, it was a long time before he had to really battle it out: since 2017, it’s been more of the same, he gets in front, he leads, he builds his lead, he wins. Where’s the fight, or at least the competition with a teammate? In comparison, Max brings 110% out of the technology available to him each week, he suffers, he sweats blood to get the best position available, and he often beats Mercedes. We are afraid that Lewis has become so “tame”, that using the same technique, Verstappen would be a rather annoying fly in his ointment.

We’ve come to the point where we should take a guess, right? Well, we think that there’s a  50-50 chance that these two guys would really bring the heat to each other, if they would be set loose upon the track in the same car.

We’ll leave any further guesses up to you: what do you think Lewis Hamilton could do against Max Verstappen?

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Getty Images

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