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Hamilton rapped as XNDA in a Christina Aguilera song – VIDEO!

Lewis Hamilton is a highly colorful person, we already know that. While the British racer is breaking the records of his sport at a frantic pace, he still finds time to fight as the head of different movements, pose as a fashion icon and and even build up a pop career. Is he the new MC Hammer?

Hamilton who is preparing for the British Grand Prix, revealed yesterday that had already have a well-established name in the pop industry for two years, next to the very famous Christina Aguilera. He appears on the singer’s album called Liberation, more precisely in the song called Pipe (if you are curious, you can listen to it from 2:40 in the video below). Why he kept this a secret for so long is a good question but XNDA in the house wasn’t that bad. Here’s what he said about this topic:

“Yes, I am XNDA and it’s a huge pleasure and honor to be able to perform with such a big artist in a song. I didn’t really trust myself, this was a completely new path to me. I’ve written several songs in the past few years, and your reactions have encouraged me to show these to you” – sent the message to his fans  the superstar, whose judgement woul not be altered by a potential musical debut. Those who loved him will continue to worship him and vice versa…

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

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