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Hamilton VS Vettel – Who is the cool guy off the grid?

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are two multiple world champions who delineate and bend the present and the recent world of the Formula One scene. Most of us know what the two of them are capable of on the racetrack, but which one of them is cooler in private?

What everyone sees is that while Hamilton lives his life outside of racing with the vehemence of a rock star, almost nothing can be known about Vettel’s everyday life.

With a little exaggeration we can say that the Englishman documents nearly every moment of his existence among his multi-million followers. He regularly performs as a mental trainer, shares his views on nature and animal welfare issues quite often and also does charities. Hamilton is often to be seen in the company of world stars, likes extreme sports, drives brutal (yes, even Ferrari) cars, and “of course” lives in Monaco…

It’s all spiced up with a fashion collection of his own, as well as exclusive travels around the world that Hamilton of course documents on the internet – plus a few unorthodox moves – and you’re already done with the perfect character dreamed about by Liberty Media, whose activities reach more and more people in Formula 1, thus maximizing ticket sales. Accompanied by his bodyguards, he doesn’t seem quite easily accessible, but outside of the Formula 1 paddock, Lewis gives the impression of a very sympathetic person.

In contrast, Seb is the only one from the Formula One track, who has not registered on any social media platform so far. One does know exactly as much about the past sixty years of Area 51 as about his family life. He lives his daily life in silence and retreat, unlike his colleague, Seb protects his privacy to the fullest.

You never see his wife and kids with him on F1 weekends, although sometimes his father accompanies him for a race. Vettel lives on a Swiss farm with his recently married fiancée (Hanna Prater), whom he met in high school, and does completely ordinary things: taking the children to school, using public transport, shopping for the family. And if they are accidentally recognized in the store, in addition to the obligatory photograph, there is even a chance to have a quick exchange of views…

Based on what has been described, we don’t want to judge the guys, so we ask you the question to decide: apart from their racing abilities, who is the more sympathetic character to you?

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Fotó: Getty Images

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