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Helmut Marko: ‘Identical Cars Would Mean Hamilton’s Defeat’

Each to his own – the basic idea of Helmut Marko’s statement. We have considered several times the possibilities resulting from Lewis Hamilton becoming teammate with currently one the most ambitious and toughest racers. The six-time World Champion would indeed face several unpleasant monuments…

This season they had high hopes concerning Milton Keyne, yet the awaited battle has never come and it seems that this season’s victor will belong once again to Hamilton. This is not Verstappen’s fault, since the Dutch racer has proved more than once that with a suitable car he has the strength to defeat Mercedes. Seeing this potential, Marko stated: ‘If they raced with identical cars, I am sure that their season-long battle would result in the victory of Max.

Although we can hardly wait for this battle, we still need to accept that currently they race with different cars. Red Bull Racing’s counselor is sure that this season’s pains will bring the much-awaited results next year:

‘We will do everything to get in balance; our aim is to become a viable alternative in 2021. All signs are outstanding. Honda provides its support by means of a very genuine engine built for us. We trust them and I think we will be able to get closer and closer to Mercedes and to fight tough battles with them. Honestly, we want to get them!’ – concluded the Sports Manager.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Reuters

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