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Helmut Marko: ‘Pierre Gasly Is Well Off Right THERE…”

Those who thought that the smashing victory of the young French racer would catch the eyes of Red Bull Racing, could not have been more wrong.

Helmut Marko said there were no plans concerning the replacing of the currently slow performing Alexander Albon. Marko highlights this on every occasion e gets, saying that no racer replacing is planned during the year:

‘We focus only on our priorities. Gasly races with Alpha Tauri, he found his home there and does a great job, so there are no reasons to remove him. Alpha Tauri is part of Red Bull Racing and we need a leading racer there too.’ – said the Red Bull Racing counsellor, by stating his brief, but focused opinion.

Beside Marko, Christian Horner is also full of secrets when he is asked by the press about the future of Albon. How many times must Max Verstappen kick his current teammate, before the Austrian team considers that their decision related to Pierre Gaslyt was hastened?

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Getty Images

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