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Helmut Marko: „There might even be spectators in Austria”

We are getting closer to the Formula 1 – Season Opener which will take place in the first week of July, and will continue immediately after with an Austrian competition. What’s more these events might even have spectators on the grandstand!

Helmut Marko has been a kind of liaison between Liberty Media and the Austrian organizers from the very beginning so he has a strong view of the technical preparations for the Red Bull Ringen and the way it is expected to be conducted. Red Bull’s adviser also outlined the details of the Austrian Grand Prix on local television:

„We have a very serious security protocol, no one will have to be afraid. We’ll test everyone who enters in the paddocks. This has already happened at Alpha Tauri, and at the Red Bull Racing it will take place on the 1st of July, when the factory will open again. When the borders reopen on the 15th of June, I can guarantee that we will be the ones with the highest security clearance to enter Austria.

Marko also pointed out that the situation that has created chaos in Australia from the opening of the season won’t be repeated in Austria. If, God forbid, someone has a positive test and/or showing signs/symptoms of illness, the organizers will be prepared:

We will set up isolation rooms so that if a suspicious event occurs, we will be able to investigate it immediately, on the spot, and separate the person from others safely. Of course, we don’t want to think about that possibility, because we’re doing everything we can, and we’re confident there won’t be an infection. I myself are very hopeful and at this moment I do believe that it’s even possible to have spectators in the stands. If events continue so positively, it will be worth reviewing this issue, as there would be plenty of fans coming from abroad as well….” – dropped the hint of hope Helmut Marko

We really hope that it’s the good old Papa Marko’s inner prophet that said these words!

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Planet F1


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