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Is Mick Schumacher ready for Formula 1?

According to his father’s former rival, ex Ferraris Gerhard Berger, yes, he is. If we ignore his name and look only at the racer himself, we don’t think that’s necessarily the case… but far be it for us to argue with Berger.

We don’t want to argue with him because it’s been known for a long time that the F1 debut of Michael Schumacher’s son’s is actually just a matter of time.. With a name and a background like that, it would be a foolish choice from the series if they didn’t help him with that. And if he gains a foothold, and in a few seasons his performance will be directly proportional to his marketing value, he’ll be able to do the same in the racing circus what he does now with the feeder series.

It’s rumored that if Mick finishes in the top three in the F2, he’ll be guaranteed a place on the starting grid of 2021.

„He’s very stable mentally, and he’s extremely persistent, and he’s fighting for the championship. It doesn’t really matter whether he achieves it or just finishes on the second place. Every bit of him reminds me of Michael: he looks like him, he walks like him, and he works like him.… I think he’s ready to get on the next level. I would be very happy to see him succeed in F1, so I’ll be rooting for him and his family.” – gave Berger his opinion on the little “Schumi”.

And, indeed, it looks like next year we’ll be able to see again a Schumacher in Formula One. There’s a chance of this at Haas, but Alfa Romeo seems more plausible.: why? Because they’re Scuderia Ferrari’s junior program, where people of Maranello determine who gets a seat and who doesn’t. And Mick Schumacher has been a Ferrari academic since the beginning of his career.…

Written: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Reuters

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