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Is Vettel and Hamilton scared of Verstappen?

Max Verstappen is approaching the coveted world title step by step. There is nothing more proving than the fact that in 2019 he finished third ahead of both Ferraris. His father, but even his critics, agree that once he gets a competitive technique, he may be able to catch Mercedes. But Jos Verstappen went even further: he believes Vettel and Hamilton are already  afraid of his son!

 According to his critics, Verstappen is still very abrupt, self-righteous and aggressive, in a word, immature. Reflecting on this, a few days ago an Ex-Formula One racer said that the Dutch would certainly have died in the ’80s. 

Due to his special character, Verstappen’s reputation and judgment are also special. Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have repeatedly “dropped in the press” that moving near Verstappen is a very risky venture. According to Jos Verstappen, this is just a psychological warfare on the part of the two multiple world champions, all because they feel threatened and worried about their position:

“Would Max be tough and hard to lose? This is what happens when you have a slower car than the others: you need to take more risks, you have to keep pushing at the border to get into a fight, or to keep up at all. This is always forgotten when they talk about Max. Vettel and Hamilton are upset because he’s close to them and it’s great to see that! ” Said the proud father. According to Jos, his son is ripe for a world championship victory and can cope with all its challenges: 

“Once he get the right race car, he will be able to achieve ultimate success. For years, he has been chasing these guys, constantly competing at their level. In the meantime, he has matured into a real man who has the principles and sticks to them. He stands hard for his opinion, always saying what he thinks, not what is expected of him. ” – remarked sharply Dad Verstappen sending by this a message to Vettel.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Red Bull Racing


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