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It’s official: Hamilton’s defender will stay at Mercedes next year.

The title might sound a bit strong, but taking into consideration last year’s experiences, it may not be unfounded. Valtteri Bottas also signed for Mercedes in 2021 and according to bad gossips, Lewis Hamilton can relax next year – no one will bother him in any meaningful way in breaking the records of the Schumacher era.

The otherwise extremely sympathetic Finnish racer still believes his main goal is to win the world title, we wish he had once lived up to his promise and saw an exciting battle for the first place of the championship. 

„It makes me really happy that I can continue the work I started with Mercedes and the success we have achieved together is a great basis for this. Ever since I can remember and fell in love with Formula One, I’ve dreamed of becoming world champion one day. I’m going for that title again this year, and I’m on the best team to fight and finally fulfill my wish.” – said Bottas. 

Toto Wolf also completed his official statement and warned everyone – two of his racers are fighting for the World Cup this year. 

„I think I can safely say that we have the strongest pilot pair of the world.With Valtteri’s contract extension, this unit is maintained, we love him because he’s honest, hard-working guy who has a good relationship with everyone in the stable, and with his teammate as well. This is not common at all in Formula 1, especially if both racers are likely to win the final game.”

Author Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: XPB Images

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