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Kevin Magnussen: “I don’t full agree with the BLM Movement”

A grain of sand got into the machinery driven by Lewis Hamilton. Despite his best efforts at the British Grand Prix, the number of kneeling people was reduced, Magnussen had enough of this.

The number of the fourteen racers kneeling in the fight against racism seems to be dwindling.We don’t know yet how will this affect the others but, in any case we have been able to witness some interesting moments:

“I do not fully agree with it and I no longer kneel in support of the Black Lives matter movement. Make no mistake: I am against racism which must be stopped by all means! But… I think that every racer and every person has the right to decide in what way they want/don’t want to object or express their feelings about the subject. I knelt down at first but I would like to continue to apply my own thoughts autonomously” – said the Danish pilot honestly.

Hamilton, who demanded united action before the weekend due to the unorganized protest at the Hungarian Grand Prix, among others, does not understand Magnussen:

“I’m really glad that before the start all my fellow pilots wore the anti-racism T-shirt. I don’t know why he didn’t kneel, we haven’t talked about it yet. Most importantly, we, racers respect each other’s position and we always find a common ground. Perhaps we only need a dialogue initiated by Formula One because the management of the sport has not yet established a collective position on the matter .” –summed up his thoughts the BLM front-runner.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: XPB Images

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