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Embarrassing: Hamilton caught a FAKENEWS bait pretty badly!

But what is much more uncomfortable is that he even implicitly accused Mark Helmut of racism as a result of the misinterpreted newspaper article. So the storm is already here although we are still waiting forthe start of the season.

Hamilton has been so ignited in recent weeks by his support for the Black Lives Matter struggle that he is not even interested in the credibility of the press product he consumes if it agrees with his views. The mistake is completely human, but not from a six-time world champion Formula One superstar who is used to documenting his every move.

Marko, who hailed Max Verstappen as Hamilton’s biggest opponent this year, “revealed” to German RTL that “at Red Bull, it may come to their attention that Lewis Hamilton’s attention is drawn to completely different things before the start of the season. In his opinion, while some are fighting for lives, Verstappen is focusing on only one thing, the World Championship victory. ”

Burning in fever, Hamilton immediately jumped at this and replied harshly to the Red Bull adviser:

“It’s very sad that you find my struggle for equal opportunities just a plus that distracts my racing and distracts me. To tell you the truth, it is offensive to me. I am much more bothered by being ridiculed for my skin color and the way I am treated or looked at for it. I hope these lines are also read by some of the colorful people working on your team so they can at least find out how you feel about them. ” Says Hamilton’s repost.

The only problem is that there is no trace of what the English newspaper quoting Marko on the RTL page, and in the available material Helmut Marko does not mention a word about the British pilot’s fight against racism. Unpleasant, but this is typical fake news that Hamilton swallowed.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

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