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Lance Stroll & Co. TRAPPED: Ferrari Also Battles Against Racing Point

Saying something like this is absurd, because Scuderia Ferrari should have never gotten the point of being bothered by a small team’s partial results.

We already got used to the fact that the cancellation of a Formula 1 race implies the arrival of protests issued by Renault. Such situation is to be debated on Wednesday by the officials, and Racing Point does have reasons to be scared, because the French protest is backed by the Italians as well.

Although Scuderia did not hand in any formal protest they contacted the FIA because of ‘pure professional curiosity’ thereby asking how could Racing Point race with a part not designed and nor manufactured by them.

This latter statement was admitted also by the technical manager of the team mocked as the pink Mercedes. Andy Green stated that the brake cooler was not copied from photos, but it was the part used by Mercedes last year. The specialist also stated that according to him the officials have no other choice but to rule in favor of Lawrence Stroll’s team:

‘One thing is sure: The protest will be rejected. We followed the rules, and we supported our arguments with blueprints and other similar information. These indicate also the reason why the two break cooler are so similar.’ – stated Green with slight contradiction.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: XPB Images

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