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Leclerc is not only making waves on the track, he’s also winning in fashion!

The world is slowly recovering from the situation caused by the Coronavirus. Thanks to this, shops are beginning to reopen even in one of the countries most affected by the pandemic, Italy. Fashion icon Giorgio Armani also took a bite out of the reopening bonanza, preparing an explosive ad campaign, and using the image of someone quite familiar.

“Charles Leclerc is a ferociously talented racing driver, who, despite his age, has already achieved some considerable results. His will and determination, his dynamic behavior and his image are all perfect for our Made to Measure collection.”

And sure enough, looking at the photos, Charles Leclerc really is wearing those Armani products as if they were tailor-made for him.

The black and white photos, conveying a sense of mysterious elegance, were not taken yesterday. They were made by photographer John Balsom in Saint-Tropez, before the epidemic hit. Today, they’ve made their way around the Italian printed press and the world media, Leclerc himself sharing a few of them, with the following text:

„Extremely happy to announce that I am now a brand ambassador of Giorgio Armani and its Made to Measure Line. Fashion together with music and motorsport have always been my passions, and to be representing such an iconic brand from now on is a huge honor.”

With this honorable invitation, Leclerc is following in Lewis Hamilton’s footsteps in the fashion industry as well. Although the two racers represent different trends, they have quite a few similar traits. Crisp elegance is definitely one of them. Looking at the young Ferrari driver’s popularity in Italy, Giorgio Armani made a good call with him!

The Monégasque driver’s latest Ferrari clothing is available HERE!

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk



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