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Lewis Hamilton’s Message to the Fans: “It’s Not Our Fault that You’re Bored!”

And it really isn’t. No matter how boring the continuous dominance of the Mercedes is, we can‘t just ask Hamilton and the Germans to please, slow down a little bit…

Rather the opposite: the other teams should catch up with them, but we are very far from that. The two teams who would have a chance at all are Ferrari and Red Bull, but we’ve certainly lost the Italians this year, and next year doesn’t promise too much either. Although Red Bull has managed to take a leap forward compared to 2019, this wasn’t nearly as big as Mercedes, so the paradox is that they are lagging behind more than last year. The spectators are the ones who suffer this the most, as – unless some extra factors doesn’t suddenly appear – they can predict with a 95% accuracy who the podium sitters will be. Hamilton has an opinion on this as well:

You have to understand that this is not our fault. As a top athlete, you work a lot, you climb up the ladder, and in best case you will succeed with your achieved results. The work never stops, you prepare hard for each race, you give it your best, you fight the others. If you do it successfully, it is the combined result of teamwork and your talent. In this framework, this results in this, and if we want change, we need to influence the decision makers, the ones who design the cars.

I can’t form an opinion about the current situation through the eyes of the fans, but I also went through an era like this. I remember Michael Schumacher’s era of glory when I watched the start, then I went to sleep during the race and then watched the finish again. If I were to follow the current races as an outside observer, I would certainly do the same… I know these are not the most nail-biting races in F1 history, so I really hope that from 2022 onwards you will be able to follow much more exciting races!

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Mercedes

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