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Mark Webber: ‘Only Verstappen Can Overtake Hamilton…’

The former Red Bull champion believes that Ferrari does not stand a chance in exercising any influence on the shortened season soon to start. Webber explained his opinion and his presuppositions.

Mark Webber is really someone to listen to. The Australian racer is well familiarized with the field and with the technical procedures, which may be decisive in a battle among World Champions:

‘I think the showdown will be really between Max and Lewis. In my opinion there is no one else to interfere in this battle. In this season Ferrari is out of the picture, therefore the only one with any possibility to take over the lead is Max Verstappen’ – stated Webber in his interview with Ziggo Sport, within which he also specified why the Red Bull Racing would be even more important in 2020..

‘I believe in their activities, in the aerodynamic developments and in their teamwork, Only one question remains: will their engines be able to compete with the Mercedes designs?’ I see Honda as being a little on the slow side, whereas Mercedes’ horse-power my be of advantage in case of Hamilton. However, should the Japanese take the final step, they just may get the title.’ – added the Australian racer.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: XPB Images

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