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Max Verstappen ‘Almost Everyone Would Win With a Mercedes!’

While Lewis Hamilton aims at his seventh World Champion title and at breaking another Schumacher-record, his most important rivals not only express their admiration, but they also mention that with such technology almost each and every one of them would become a World Champion.

Now it was Max Verstappen’s turn to utter his opinion about Hamilton’s records (And their background) and to illustrate his own chances as well:

‘I have a very high respect for Mercedes and their results. I do not mind not being the one to drive their cars. Honestly to say, many racers would continuously win with their technology. Obviously Lewis has nothing to do with this; that is with the fact that many would constantly win with such cars – but yes, they would. We cannot do anything else but to accept this and to do work by doing our best.

We need to try to defeat them and I am focusing only on this possibility, in order to exploit it when the time is right. I have always disagreed with the statement that we could be World Champions as well. If I am to be objective I would say that we can be the third, maximum. Of course, only if we do not permanently disqualify.„ – stated the Dutch favorite.

Currently Verstappen has 35 points and battels for the second position. This disadvantage may not be impossible to overcome. There are only three races left and great luck would be needed. It is true, this season we have seen a lot…

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: XPB Images

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