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Mercedes – If the DAS wasn’t enough, HERE’s another TRICK

Even during the test period, the extreme technical solution of the German stable called dual-axis steering system was a big issue, and now an aerodynamic innovation has come to our attention.

In fact, a well-known journalist / technical analyst spotted another anomaly on the black arrows. Giorgio Piola noticed on a shot that the rear wings of the Mercedes were extremely flexible. At higher speed they begin to bend allowing pilots to gain extra speed without losing downforce.

This helps Hamilton and his team, who don’t suffer too much these days anyway, a lot more, especially in the corners…  The FIA has been fighting this phenomenon for years, however, if, at the beginning of the year, this particular component has been approved by the technical inspectors, it can be used properly. Piola also warned that this is not just Mercedes’ “game”,  the other top teams probably also have some kind of similar innovation. We look forward to what the International Motorsport Federation will do in the matter.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Getty Images

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