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Mercedes would like to get Hülkenberg for next – But not the way he wants it…

The successful entry of the German racer at Racing Point has increased his value, with more people interested in his services. The Mercedes barn is no exception. 
Hülkenberg received a lot of praise for his third place finish in the time trial of the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix despite his almost one-year absence. Leaders of the leading teams bid pretty high, to get his attention. Helmut Marko even dropped that the German had his phone number, and Toto Wolff said he would be happy to hire Hulk: 
“If someone puts something like this on the table after such an absence, it’s a very strong letter of recommendation. We would love to hire him, he is a great pilot, plus he is German. Our racing line-up for 2021 is still unclear, but we definitely look at him as a candidate, we could imagine cooperating with him in the role of reserve driver. ” said the Mercedes team leader to give the issue a sobering slap.
This offer for Nico Hülkenberg is definitely irrelevant. After ten years of racing, the pilot would experience reserve work as a strong setback. He talked about this in a German sports show: 
“I find it out of the question, I can’t imagine myself in this role. I’ve been a member of the field for ten years, competing against the best at the highest level, so I don’t intend to step back this much. This is not the opportunity I look forward to and the one I need. ” Hülkenberg rejected the request gently but more emphatically.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Fotó: Getty Images

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