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Mika Hakkinen: „Vettel will be successful without Ferrari as well, if he wants to”

According to the two-time world champion, Sebastian Vettel should not be discouraged even if Scuderia Ferrari does not renew his contract. The former racer thinks there are several escape routes for his German colleague.

Vettel’s situation is quite volatile in Maranello, which got into further bad light by the conflicting press reports about him. While some media outlets are talking about a one-year offer and a drastically cut salary, others are already seeing a better contract elsewhere. According to Hakkinen, Vettel shouldn’t deal with this, because something else will define his career in F1:

“His future is solely in his own hands. If he has the right motivation, he surely will be able to compete for a very long time, his age will certainly not hinder him in this. However, this job requires maximum attention and minimum private life from the person.” The Finnish colleague warned his colleague. 

“We know about McLaren’s interest, but there are also rumors around Mercedes. If Seb wants to continue in Formula One, he doesn’t have to worry, because any team would be very happy to see him in his band. He’s a multiple world champion who is a defining figure in the racing circus, and he didn’t just achieve that with his victories. If we look back to 2019, we can see that Charles Leclerc has made a very strong appearance next to him, quickly integrated in, and won the battle between the two of them, but unlike many, I don’t think it’s the end of the world. ”

In addition to Vettel, Hakkinen also spoke a few words about the other possible champion in the field, Lewis Hamilton. Mika said that the British racer probably has the best shot for a win in 2020, who will be terribly difficult to catch – if at all possible: 

“Hamilton is now a full-fledged racer. He has no weaknesses, makes as few mistakes as possible, and has become almost one with the mechanics working underneath. And that’s not everything at all: he’s still hungry for success and is doing his best to improve. His six World Cup titles did not appear out of thin air, so the field has to get up on their feet if they want to challenge him. If his car gets competitive again this year, I suspect that he will celebrate again. We’ll see what Red Bull and Ferrari will be able to do, it all depends on that. ” Mika Hakkinen closed his statement.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: XPB Images


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