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Murray Walker: „Hamilton is better than Senna or Schumacher– but he’s not the best”

The legendary commentator, former voice of F1, threw a huge stone into the standing water. The statement from above was made in a podcast named In the Fast Lane and it is expected to thoroughly divide the camp of Formula One fans. After that, he added – surprisingly – that no matter how much he thinks of Hamilton he doesn’t seem to be the greatest pilot of all time.

Walker knows very well that his opinion is debatable and he will surely be debated, however he still thinks that Lewis Hamilton stands high above his rivals in many ways. 

„Of course, you can argue with me but I think Lewis Hamilton is better than Ayrton Senna or Michael  Schumacher. Why is that? The two former champions often used controversial “driving solutions” in their careers.  Let’s just remember when Michael deliberately stopped on the track in Monaco to have his pole, or when he deliberately crached into Jacques Villeneuve.

Senna had similar actions, whereas Hamilton had never been involved in such affairs, he always competed fairly. He’s a nice guy, and he has a real god-given talent, I don’t think there has ever been someone like him. There’s only one person I can think of who’s better than him, at least to me: he is Tazio Nuvolari, an Italian racer who competed before World War II.” – said the 96- year-old report.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Getty Images

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