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Paddock: FIRST Austrian Grand Prix Photos

Kym Illman went backstage. What can we say? The fans who manage to get to the Formula-1 paddocks are to face a ‘strange’ experience.

The shining and glittering motorhomes are replaced with containers, luxury and grandeur are replaced with practice and minimalism. This is the message of the eight photos (The second one illustrates the former situation, for comparison purposes) uploaded by the well known F1 photo reporter on his Instagram profile. The sight is at least shocking, yet heartwarming, since this is the week when the season awakens and returns!

We are sure that we all will experience some unique moments. As Forma-1 licensed person I can still hardly imagine that the participants are to miss the crowded and dynamic paddocks, the great meetings and the interesting talks and debates… All these are to be replaced with the safety protocols and by the Matryoshka doll structures – this is the easiest way to describe how the Formula-1 tries to minimize any personal contact.

This is one interesting plan, but will it work when the victory-celebrating racer jumps into the arms of his team? Soon we are to have the answer to this question, whereas the everyday excitement is to be replaced by the strange situation and all its aspects. I am pretty sure about this

Author Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Kym Illman

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