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Perez will take Raikkönen’s place from 2021?

According to the Formula-1 journalist that’s the situation. This might be a chain reaction, with Sebastian Vettel holding the wick, which could even result in good old Kimi being pushed out of the F1 ring.

Lawrence Barretto’s view is that there is a scenario in which it can easily happen that Kimi Raikkönen will draw the short straw:

„At the moment Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll both have valid contracts but according to some sources the Racing Point has sent a ready-made contract template to Sebastian and as a response, the German racer asked for some time to think. Although it’s not set in stone yet who will be sent away in order to make room for Vettel, Perez has already gotten several offers, one even from Formula-1 and other series are also interested in him. 

Alfa Romeo is the most interested in his services which would be essentially a big return for the Mexican racer, since Alfa was developed from Sauber which initially raised Perez into Formula-1. One of Alfa’s meetings will most certainly belong to one of Ferrari’s academics, thanks to an engine supplier contract with Scuderia. Thus, we can conclude that Perez might arrive and Raikkönen might leave at the end of the year.”

The suggestion is definitely interesting, and unfortunately very logical…

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: XPB Images

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