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Pirelli: ‘Problems Are Caused By Overload’

The chaos occurring towards the end of the British Grand Prix were not caused by human error, nor by the debris, stated the Formulsa1 provider, after conducting its thorough investigation.

The Pirelli leader highlighted that the racers affected did not keep to the maximum load specified in the technical descriptions. The professional also highlighted that the laps became longer. Therefore, the extreme load is twice as big and this is the reason for the numerous accidents:

‘The reason for these evens lies with the over usage of the tires,  caused by the changes occurred in the competition structure. The second safety car intervention forced the racers to leave the track. Hence, the racers should have driven longer laps, after having their tires replaced. They should have run 40 laps, that is ¾ part of the race, on one of the toughest rings…Not to mention, that this year’s cars pose serious challenges to their tires , since they are the strongest F1 cars ever.’ – concluded Mario Isola.

Author Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Getty Images

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