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Press Release: Alonso and Renault reached an agreement

According to the always well-informed Marca, it was decided that their compatriot will return to the site of the successes of his former world champions. This practically outlines the fate of Sebastian Vettel as well.

The French people see more potential in Fernando Alonso according to whom Vettel no longer has the power to be their leader. In addition, the source of the paper believes that Liberty Media would also like to see the Spanish World Star on the track again, and in order to make him return, they would even pay part of his salary(!!) as well.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel’s options are narrowing and it looks like not even Reanult is an option for him anymore. According to the German Bild Vettel is gambling around, since he secluded McLaren from his options (meanwhile McLaren denied this since they didn’t even consider the German World Champion, they wanted to get Ricciardo all the way), because towards the end of his career, he no longer wants to wait years for success, so he would only accept one seat at Mercedes.

It wouldn’t even bother him that this would be practically the same situation that drove him away from Ferrari.…

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Essentially Sports


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