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Press Release: Vettel Signed to Racing Point

After more and more obvious signs, half-sentences, statements and “elbow high-fives” (for god’s sake…), now it looks very much like the parties have agreed in secret.  So, from 2021, Sebastian Vettel has a good chance to become the member of the factory stable of Aston Martin!

According to the prestigious Italian daily magazine, La Gazetta dello Sport, all substantive issues have been resolved in the last two months and we only need to wait for the announcement which is delayed because in the meantime, Sergio Perez has fallen ill (…) so obviously, the formality will not happen this weekend.

As far as the newspaper knows, Vettel and Lawrence Stroll have already agreed on everything, the Canadian businessman hired the four-time world champion with whom he has big plans. Not even money can stop the Stroll father from doing this: Vettel comes without sponsor money, and Aston Martin has to make up for that, and he’ll be competing for a much higher salary than his Mexican predecessor.  

In fact, at the moment , only Vettel’s job responsibilities will be negotiated, which might include the role of being the brand ambassador. Stroll’s plan for Aston Martin is to launch the brand through his role in Formula 1, targeting the German Market, and of course, Sebastian Vettel will also take a serious share of this. 

If someone thinks that La Gazetta’s information is just a hoax, just remember that weeks before the official announcement they already reported on Vettel’s breakup with the German Ferrari.

And it will only be a matter of time to decide how Sebastian Vettel will be treated next to Lance Stroll and how successful will be this contract to him. We are waiting for the official announcement.

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk


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