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Racing Point has signed a ready-made contract for Vettel

The Formula-1 world is a very difficult place, the following fact shows it very well: while the team’s leadership denies Sebastian Vettel’s arrival through all media channels, press reports indicate that he already has a ready-made signed contract in his pocket.

Even though the team’s pilot pair has an ongoing contract, Vettel would be such a catch that one of them could be easily sacrificed for him… According to Bild magazine’s information, Sergio Perez could be the one who draws the short straw and eventually he will have to leave with a large severance pay…

It seems that the fate of the Mexican racer is no longer in his own hands, but in Sebastian Vettel’s. The report also states that the ball is now at Vettel’s side, who has been given time until the end of the month to decide whether he wants to compete in the future with a team called Aston Martin Racing or not.

„If there’s another alternative that makes me think, I’m pretty sure I’m going to catch it. If the doors close before me, the situation is even simpler: I have achieved a lot in this sport, I have made a lot of money but that is no longer an issue for me.  I’m waiting for an offer that could be exciting and attractive, and that could help me build my career. If this happens, I’ll take the chance, if not, I may say goodbye for a while.” – made it clear the four-time world champion. 

The only question is whether Vettel sees the attractive alternative at Racing Point that he envisioned to himself or not. Or perhaps there is another opportunity that is (yet) unknown to the public?

Time will tell…

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: F1

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