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Red Bull Racing: ‘We Continue The Fight To Become World Champions!’

The sentence mentioned in the title was uttered by Christian Horner, the team leader of the Red Bull Racing Team, who was happy to see that on the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix they were able to win against Mercedes. This is very motivating for the team!

Horner stated that the shape shown makes him sure, however he is also aware of the fact that they are not the favorites, yet they do not plan to let this year go. Their determination was filled in by the winter preparations, which according to the team leader have never been so successful so far:

‘The facts show that we are way behind Mercedes, and so far we have been unable to win against them just by our own. So far we always had to design a good strategy or to rely on luck. But in Silverstone we proved to be stronger, this is why we worked so hard before the season. This is gives us strong hope for the future!

We have not given up on 2020, we are waiting for the decision on Party Mode during training. We rely on the developments we can add to our vehicles. We need to focus on developments. Because of the frozen developments we need to start now designing our future car.

Although we are not in the front positions, we will still fight for winning the World Championship. Our personnel is very motivated and those who experienced with us the winning four World Championships wish to experience this feeling again!’ – stated Christian Horner, thereby indicating his expectations from the team.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Red Bull Racing

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