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Sergio Perez has been infected with the coronavirus, he will be replaced by Nico Hülkenbert at the Racing Point

We look forward to an exciting weekend after the Mexican pilot of the Pink stable “failed” on the usual coronavirus test. Lance Stroll’s stable isn’t desperate, and it’s very likely he’ll make a big surprise.

In similar case test pilots would take the role and replace the eliminated racer.At Racing Point it looks like they’re hiring two racers together with Mercedes: one of them is Stoffel Vandoorne,who will certainly not be present at the British Grand Prix as he starts in Germany in the Formula E series. The other reserve is Esteban Gutierrez but his deployment is even more unrealistic since he hasn’t been in F1 for a while. According to press reports, the solution could be the former pillar of the stable’s name: Nico Hülkenberg who was eliminated from Formula One at the end of last year, not only is a great driver but he knows both the team and technique well enough. 

Hulk appears to be an obvious option, so is his arrival (no smoke without fire). It would be a strange and absurd game of life if the upstanding German racer with his extremely competitive RP car had reached the podium. He’ll probably have two races to achieve this because Perez will be locked out even for the next weekend due to the English quarantine regulations, who is otherwise asymptomatic at the moment.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: XPB Images

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