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The Course of the Race: What will Change? – Answer in the Article

The coronavirus epidemic and what has happened since then will fundamentally reshape the image we will get as a viewer on a Grand Prix weekend in front of our televisions. Let’s see the most important changes!

Interviews from a distance of two meters, exiled and reduced media presence, transformed ceremonies… Let’s take a closer look at them:

Starting Grid

Even though there were ideas how to replace the usual start-up ceremony, technically not much changes here. The drivers will occupy their places on the grid according to the known procedure, but instead of 40 minutes, the time spent there has been reduced to half an hour, and the number of team members has also been reduced to 40. What’s new is that after the “three-minutes left” sign has been shown, only 8 people can stay next to the car. One of the most interesting differences is that the solemn line-up at the finish line will be missed, and everyone will listen to the national anthem (kneeling… ??) next to his car.

The Grandstand

One of the biggest heartaches will be the lack of spectators. Both F1 and season-opening Red Bull are trying to do something about this and find a solution. While the latter have not revealed their plans in this regard, the series will try to evoke an atmosphere through giant projectors that will either come through the TV broadcasts or not. On these platforms, short videos sent by fans will be shown, which is a nice gesture, but its practical use is quite questionable.

Podium Ceremony

The most striking of all will be the podium, that is, its complete absence. The standard podium will be completely exiled, instead there is a good chance they will raise a provisional platform in front of the arriving cars at the finish line. There will be no prominent people handing over cups, and let’s forget about the usual champagne ceremony for a good while… It is not yet known how the trophies will get to the winners, but there is a chance these will be placed in advance near to the mobile podiums.

We’re going to have to live unusual moments, but let’s not forget: F1 is the first global sport to return after experiencing this nightmare and they will try to entertain us by all possible means.

Let’s appreciate this!

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: F1 Experiences

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