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The news of the day: There’s a chance for the return of the Nürburgring, with spectator!

This season everything is fluid so F1 is constantly monitoring the tracks that might come in play during the championship. For a long time Hockenheim was part of this group, but eventually it got out for business reasons. 

This was confirmed by the officials of both tracks, as it is also official that F1’s attention was shifted to Nürburgring instead of Hockenheim. In other words if there is a German Grand Prix this year, it will certainly be held at Nürburgring. 

The prequel of the case is that Hockenheim which is considered to be a likely candidate does not see the potential in a race without spectators, as far as the material of things is concerned. After this statement, F1 turned to the Nürburgring which was confirmed by the track operator, too and he even added something more:

Mirko Marktfort has already discussed a month ago that their intention at the events they hosted was to let spectators back to the stands and they were already working on plans realizing that. In Germany, restrictions on the Coronavirus differ from one province to another, which implies that they plan their potential Formula 1 races in front of the viewers. 

In relation to the rumors, the spokesman of the Nürburgring said they were constant contact with F1, but they still have nothing to report. The fact that this story is more than speculation can also be deduced from the fact that Mugello, which during its existence was included in the calendar for the first time, is also discussing this with local leaders.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: XPB Images

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