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The second half of the racing calendar is in progress.

Although the Formula One World Championship would still be valid and evaluable after eight races, Liberty Media is trying to keep up with the 15 + additional races receipt already laid out.

The idea is that there would be double races during the non-European part of the season as well. It could easily happen that before the racing circus leaves the continent, they still take on a double race in Hockenheim. Further schedules might also be doubled but Sochi and Bahrain, as well as Shanghai – the first to be postponed – would jump into this role.

Since Japan has imposed a solid entry ban, it is possible that the Chinese track will take its place in October. These sites have been greatly appreciated in the light of the current epidemic situation: Baku and Singapore are definitely crossed out this year, while Canada and the USA are still fighting the pandemic.

According to Chase Carey, the soon to be final racing calendar will arrive within weeks, we have a strong suspicion that it will be revealed to the general public in the week before the season-opener.

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Reuters

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