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The Williams F1 team is for sale

Today the circle of owners revealed to the world that they will do everything in order to maintain and make the Formula 1 team competitive in the long run and that includes the option of selling shares and ownership of the racer stable if it’s necessary.

The heir/leader of the team, Claire Williams confirmed in press that unlike other teams, the Willams team does not plan a drastic downsizing, but is willing to change its name if there is a suitable investor offer. The leader also added that it is not primarily the effects of the coronavirus pandemic that encourages them to take this step, but rather their goal is to make the once 9 times world champion and 114 times victorious team shine again. To this end, they are committed to strengthening the racing stable’s economic background:

„It’s too early to think what would be our name if the situation turned out like this. Obviously, the Williams family would certainly always like to have its name in Formula One, but if it turns out differently, that doesn’t mean that we won’t be present in the sport anymore. On the contrary, we’re working to create the opportunity to ensure the future of our team. I believe this is a step closer to our desired goal.

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Williams can confirm it has terminated its sponsorship arrangements with ROKiT effective immediately.

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Sir Frank Williams has been trying to put the team and the people who work for us in the forefront since the very beginning, and we’ve been trying to do the same. For Frank, the team’s competitiveness has always been important, so we decided to look for large-scale external investors, who can help us take advantage of the chance of catching up with policy changes.” – said Claire Williams.

We’re really rooting for them, because the presence of a strong “Williams” – or whatever it is – was a very important factor and will remain in the racing circus.

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Getty Images

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