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This was Zandvoort – and THIS is how Zandvoort looks like NOW!

The Netherlands prepared very hard for a Formula 1 return, but unfortunately it is their personal misfortune that this will not happen this year due to the coronavirus situation. No matter what, come with us on a virtual journey through time and space on the coastal asphalt strip!

Unlike most European venues, the Dutch track administration doesn’t even want to hear about a possible closed-gate Grand Prix, which is absolutely understandable, as they also have one of the largest solvent supporters club in the world through Max Verstappen. Given this, as well as the sums spent on rebuilding the track, it is not surprising that, according to their intentions, we will probably only be able to see the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix in 2021 on the meanwhile renewed Zandvoort track.

Which, according to the drone recording below, will at least be very atmospheric…

In the meantime, come with us for a ride, let’s see what Zandvoort used to look like, and what it’s like now!


1983, Alain Prost

2020, Max Verstappen

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk


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