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Tracks that may return/enter in Formula 1!

Numerous world-famous tracks have been lobbying for a long time to get  a role in F1 again but without success. However the current pandemic situation overwrites everything, traditional races have been canceled or postponed which might give many people a non-recurring opportunity to return.

 As one of the first Coronavirus victims, the Formula 1 race calendar has been completely overturned; at the moment, in preparation for the restart, Liberty Media examines and considers all possible options, thus it might happen easily that we’ll see old acquaintances in the new calendar.

In this article we will present to you the four tracks which – due to this special situation – are very likely to join the tournament. The main priority of this present situation is to avoid longer journeys and to simplify logistics. Since most teams have European HQ, they try to replace the postponed Grand Prix on the Old Continent, by involving other tracks as well. This is the reason why Hockenheim, Imola and Mugello, as well as the Algarve International Circuit in Portugal sparked Chase Carrey’s interest.

Hockenheim probably doesn’t need to be introduced to Formula 1 sympathizers. The track has already been the host of numerous amazing races, just think of last year’s rain chaos. The German Grand Prix was removed from this year’s calendar for financial reasons, the explanation is simple: other promoters pay much higher amounts for the tournament. The track’s leadership has already indicated that if necessary, they can easily jump into anyone’s place!

Imola’s name has been inseparable with the Formula 1 history even if it’s sad to speak of. Uberto Selvatico Estense, the president of the track is highly ambitious in terms of race organization, and he believes everything is given to be able to hold a closed-gate race. The latter could re-start a long period without spectators, as Imola was a continuous participant in the racing circus from 1981 to 2006. The weather is usually still great in around October and November, so let’s hope…

Mugello has also a glamorous F1 history but nowadays it is much more famous for its motorcycle races. Just like the above mentioned sites, they also acknowledged the interest of Liberty Media and we can be sure that they will do everything to make an F1 appearence. Another interesting addition would be the possibility of organizing a double race just like in the case of more and more tracks Another interesting addition would be the possibility of a double race which has been planned on more and more tracks, a plan that might reach even Mugello. 

The determination of the odd one out, Portiamo is also undisputed. There have been a number of major developments in recent times, so the racetrack has been awarded the highest available FIA rating, which makes it suitable for Formula One competitions. The southern location can also be an ideal destination due to the huge infrastructure, its many lines available, and due to the reopening in May. We would be absolutely not surprised if its name popped up in the soon-to-be-released new race calendar and by that it put Portugal back on the F1 map!

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Getty Images


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