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Turkey does not give a DAMN: Up to 100,000 spectators can attend the GP with the cheapest ticket prices ever!

If that happens, Istanbul Park, which returns to the race calendar after a long time in November this year, will give the world of insanity a slap in the face that it will be a pleasure to watch.

Although the sports world has pulled the brakes on, in some segments there are still events that took place in front of tens of thousands (it is enough to think about recent football matches in our small country), so that they do not have any measurable effect on the situation in that country. This probably did not remain unrecognised from the Turkish organizers, who are now planning exactly the same thing – what they are planning, they announced already:

“The track has been designed for a capacity of 220,000 paying spectators, but if we close a few zones for security reasons, there will still be plenty of room for 100,000 people and adequate distance will be provided.” the promoter said on behalf of the track. There is no reason to believe, the Turks are fooling around much as ticket sales will start as early as next week and the organizers expect the tickets to be taken away in minutes.

In order for this to be the case, they have made sure of: the audience can get the tickets at quite unbelievable prices, it is enough to think about the cost of three-day standing tickets for HUF 3,600. It is a very sympathetic attitude that they build on image instead of profit – we can only say one thing about it all:

We support the idea of Turkey very much!

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Fotó: Formula One

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