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Vettel got an unexpected offer!

True, it did not come from Formula 1, but from WEC: a rich businessman would place the German into the LMP1 technique. The seriousness of the construction of these cars is also revealed by the fact that not too long ago a similar technique topped the F1 track records in a row. 
Scuderia Cameron owner Jim Glickenhaus lures Vettel into a self-designed hypersport car, and the technique is likely to have a chance to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the coming years. Glickenhaus commented on Vettel, the Scuderia Ferrari, but did not leave Formula 1 untouched either: 
“Ferrari doesn’t learn from anything, it’s still uncomfortable to watch how their drivers are treated. They don’t appreciate their people, unlike me: if Sebastian wants to race with us anytime, he’ll have a seat waiting for him. I can’t give him as much pay as he got at Ferrari, but I’m looking forward with open arms and I can assure him of my appreciation as well.

He’s an old-fashioned star, an icon as versatile as Graham Hill or Mario Andretti, but I could even say Fernando Alonso, who discovered that life still exists after Formula One. I think it would be a much more exciting challenge for Seb than F1, which doesn’t really excite me. The starts are good, the finish is interesting, but the intermediate time is total boredom. What’s more, it’s repulsive that they compete as guests of all sorts of dictatorships, in places I would never go because of my principles,” the team owner said, praising Sebastian Vettel and changing the subject to devastating verdicts, who still has serious plans.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Fotó: Dyler

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