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Vettel’s car was faulty – accoding to the team this could not affect the German racer’s performance

Sebastian Vettel has been getting lately a lot of bad reviews. Most of them is quite “true” as his younger teammate surpasses him, but the spectacular suffering of the past weekend did not happen because of this.

At least according to Vettel… Even before Silverstone, the German world champion complained extremely much about the unsteerability of his car, which has reached its peak last Sunday, so the team initiated a full investigation of the car. The result of this was useful: there was indeed a mistake, but according to the team, it could not have affected his competitions as much as he thinks it did:

„Sebastian will get a new chassis under him because after last weekend’s race, we scanned his car and discovered a small flaw that  was probably caused when he hit the curb more aggressively than he needed to.

This had no particular effect on the operation of the car, but once we dismantled it for this reason, it was logical to replace this element.” – says the Scuderia Ferrari’s press release.

This way the formula is simplified: if Vettel is struggling with the completely flawless (compared to itself) SF1000, that will be another shot in the 2020 season. If we add the deteriorating day-to-day relationship with his team to this, it’s also possible that the rumors will be confirmed, and Seb really did jump out of Scuderia prematurely.…

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Scuderia Ferrari

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