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Villeneuve: „Sebastian Vettel would be the perfect teammate for Max Verstappen!”

This mildly steep statement was made by the Canadian world champion who also explained why he considered the German to be the best choice for the Dutch star.

The idea is not based on personality traits, but rather on technical aspects, because Villeneuve is convinced that with Vettel on their side, Red Bull would play very well this year.  

„This car is a very difficult to drive construction Adrian Newey has polished it so much that the car dances on the border in every possible way. It’s a serious challenge even for Max Verstappen, not to mention Alexander Albon who literally struggles behind the wheel and is at a huge disadvantage compared to his teammate.

Sebastian Vettel, on the other hand, has proven many times in the past that he reads  the cars designed by Newly very well, and he’s vert good in controlling them. That’s why I think he’d be the perfect choice for Red Bull Racing. Max would finally have a teammate who really pushes the boundaries.” – theorized Villeneuve.

We cannot judge how right or wrong is the former racer but there are indications that Christian Horner and his team does not agree with Villeneuve (for the time being…) and they do not plan to replace Albon either. 

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Planet F1



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