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Why Alonso? WHY NOT?

During the last days one of the  public media Formula-1 broadcasting hosts was under attack on his own social media profile because he considered and argumented that the Spaniard racer to be a ‘bad choice’…

This is what writing in sports magazines is all about: No compromise, not even when logic goes against the mainstream opinions. This is what we also do.

Fernando Alonso is a two-times World Champion and an exceptional racer,, who is even today among the Top 3 Formula-1 racers. People who state the contrary have obviously no clue what they are talking about. However, debating his usefulness/uselessness for Renault is something logical and really interesting.

The opinion of FansBRANDS slightly differs from the opinions of Újvári Máté: We believe that Alonso will be beneficial to the French Racing Team in the long run – but THIS IS ONLY AN OPINION.

Debating (With RESPECT) and presenting arguments for and against the Spaniard driver is so much more useful, whereas these arguments are to be independent from the given TV host’s or newspaper reporter’s opinions and arguments.

We consider Fernando Alonso to be the best possible choice because…

He is a one-time unique contemporary genius: He is a Formula-1 and a truly professional champion, who just cannot be scared. Regardless of the Indy 500 living hell or of the Dakar Rally – or of whatever with four wheels – the Spaniard is able to quickly identify the boundaries and to ‘push it to the limit’…

He is supported by his experience and respect, by his classic aura and by his results. Should he manage his abilities well and support his team’s developments, Renault might find that special something, which might be the way back to the top and to a possible World Champion title.

Beside the talented Esteban Ocon he is the best mentor. Let us just remember the way he smashed Stoffel Vandoorne. If the team manages to develop and to keep up[ the pace with Alonso and with de occurred situation, Esteban might stabilize his career and be world champion one day. If not, he will follow Vandoorne into oblivion, and this might not be a bad thing after all.

Of course the wheel is turning and other possibilities also exist. However, Alonso is the best because…

He has a very controversial personality, on a bad day he may even burn up everything he has built so far. If he does not like something he is not afraid of getting into conflicts, or from sending messages through the press or by using offensive posts on social media – this why Renault needs to be prepared…

Beside the aspects mentioned above, it is to be noted that Alonso is not afraid of competing with his team mates within the team either Let us remember the season spent beside Lewis Hamilton. A lot of time has passed since then but some things never change: Esteban Ocon will work once again with a new victory-hungry guy, Alonso. However Ocon is not an easy competition. Last year, while racing with the Force India, he fought garage battles with Sergio Perez and he won’t have an easy time with Alonso either…

If needed he goes against the League and – theoretically – he also gives them food for thought. The last year started with an inflow of fresh young drivers due to which the Formula-1 became more intense, more dynamic and more interesting. Since at the top teams there are hardly job openings, Renault might be a really attractive option for a young talented driver arriving from the F2.

You may love us or hate us, you may agree or disagree, but please: FIGHT our arguments and not go against us as persons.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

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