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Why is the Scuderia Ferrari’s car this weak in 2020?

In addition to the pilot line-up, fans are also talking about the Scuderia Ferrari’s car made in 2020. After five races we can clearly see that the SF 1000 invented by the Mercedes is a total failure, and it will enter into the Maranello History Book as one of the weakest Ferraris of all time. 

Even during the pre-season tests, we could feel that despite the improvements, the Ferrari car in 2020 might be at a disadvantage. Their actual pace was only revealed to the world on the slippery Austrian start but that wasn’t really satisfying either. The fact that the Reds have not (yet) fallen back into the absolute midfield at the moment is due to their luck, and “because of “Charles Leclerc’s extra class. But how did Formula 1’s most traditional team get here?

The problem consists of multiple components but we try to untangle the threads: the first and most important mistake has been in the structure and hierarchy of Italians for a long time.  The Scuderia is a unit where there is extreme pressure on every member’s shoulder and pilots are no exception. Most people find it very difficult to deal with this, and direct consequence of this is that if things don’t go well, the focus is not on solving the problem but rather on starting to look for a scapegoat and everyone starts pointing at each other. 

Then there’s the infamous motor scandal after which FIA made a secret pact with the Ferrari, and the dramatic fall of 2019 led to a further fall in the Red car’s performance on straight lines. Mattia Binotto and his Co does not deny that 2020 has been the lowest point for Ferrari the management has also stated that they are asking the fans to be patient, because they will only be able to remedy this by 2022 at the earliest due to frozen developments due to the epidemic.

Aerodynamics have not been the strongest area in the stable that has dreamed of the world title since 2007, but this year even the previous years have been under-performed. This is a huge own goal for a car that would have had the core of a powerful engine and a stronger than ever downforce… This is the point at which the rampant horsemen would return to the competition, so they will use most of their development tokens for this.

Meanwhile, the team has also introduced a completely unusual innovation: it seems that their operation has been broken down into classes, they threw out the tradition of finding a scapegoat, that way (and with the patience already mentioned) they take off the burden already mentioned, hopefully stepping on the path to practicality. With this and with the clever use of their development credits, a stronger Ferrari construction will be outlined in 2021, but only god can say how much success it can bring next year – if can bring something at all.

In the current situation it seems we need to believe Ferrari’s strategists, who, due to frozen developments and screw-up policy changes, are not expecting much good (victory…) in the coming days. What is certain is that in order to improve, the Italians must not only cope more effectively than ever with the technical changes, but will also have to cross their own shadow. If they succeed in the latter, we believe they can find their way back.

Whether this will be the case, will be decided by time, but perhaps all Formula 1 fans will agree that the presence of a well-functioning SF1000, 1001, 1001 + (etc.) under the hands of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, would only be good for the (surviving) World Cup in difficult times.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Scuderia Ferrari

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