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Will Michael Schumacher’s Intervention Be Postponed?

Several press articles inform about the postponing of Michael Schumacher’s, because of the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, some newspapers doubt the surgery as well.


As mentioned before, there is very little information about the seven-time world champion’s situation. Currently, it seems that he will subject to a new stem cell therapy, however the French professor carrying out the intervention only said that such intervention is needed ‘for the regenerating of Michael’s nerve system.’

Recent news inform us that the treatment started last autumn might be interrupted because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, The Guardian reports that Schumacher’s family does not plan any intervention, and therefore there is nothing to postpone.

Regardless of the truth, the fact is that no health risks will be taken regarding the champ. Besides Schumacher’s situation, another source of pain is the silence kept by the family for years and even the best informed sources cannot do anything but to take guesses related to Schumacher’s situation.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Fox Sports

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