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Will Toto Wolff Say Goodbye to Hamilton and His Team Soon?

According to the roumor that’s spreading in the paddock, this has a great chance to happen.The Austrian would continue in a different position at Mercedes because he is getting tired of the continuous travelling in the past several years, and of the time spent away from his family.

Interesting questions may arise if the team loses its main strategist, the man who has contributed greatly to making the Mercedes F1 team the leading driving force of our days. The other aspect is the racing pair: although Lewis Hamilton has always been telling that he stays with Mercedes only if his favorite team principal also stay, the six-time world champion has made a totally different statement over the past weekend:

“A lot of us make up this team, thousands are working to get us off to the track this weekend. Guided by this, I can confidently say that all this is not up to a single person. Toto plays a very serious role in my career, but of course I owe a debt of gratitude to everyone else. The most important is to understand that everyone should do what their heart dictates and what makes them feel good.

This sometimes requires big changes, but family is first, that’s what defines us. I really hope he will stay because it was good to work with him, I loved all the ups and downs we experienced together. However, this is not what defines my destiny or decides how long I will stay with the team. I am grateful to Toto Wolff and wherever his path leads, I will support him.” -said Lewis Hamilton suggestively.

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: AFP

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