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AMAZING: Mercedes Went Black

The car itself is magnificent, however not solely the design was the driving element. But something more noble.

Do you want to take a guess? We admit it we did not get it either at first but the statements given by Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff made everything clear.Yes, this is the Black Lives Matter Campaign…

‘Unfortunately my experience is bitter ion this case, I have experienced racism from first hand. Many of us had to face racism, therefore I decided to bring some changes in this matter. I spoke to Toto Wolff about the possibilities of facing racism and I am very thankful to him, because he listened to me, he understood my feelings and my negative experience. Now we can start our battle with a strong statement, our aim being the implementing of development and of changes. I would like to leave something behind, something that is beyond me and fights for equality of chances.’ – stated Lewis Hamilton, showing that the new design was his idea.

‘Mercedes believes that there is no place for racism in society. But this is not enough, we need to do something about this. By means of the black car we wish to use this global; platform to show our respect for equality. This silver arrow becomes black and will shine in this color the entire season, in order to show our dedication and our colorfulness within the team and within the entire sport. The message of the new color is that positive changes need to occur! – explained Toto Wolff.

The car is very elegant and unique in shape. The rest of the analysis we leave it to you.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Mercedes AMG Petronas

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