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Bernie Ecclestone: ‘Vettel Should Forget Mercedes and Take a Break’

We could say the old man was right again. And we are right, Ecclestone spoke up regarding Sebastian Vettel’s confusing situation, his former team mate Mark Webber adhering to his opinion.

The story is even more interesting, since it was Bernie who suggested Vettel to try to become part of the Mercedes Team. The Bavarian Company answered on all possible communication channels that they do have a high respect for Sebastian Vettel, they do not say no (Immediately), however currently they wish to focus on their current driver team. This is confirmed by Valtteri Bottas’, the Finnish mentioned nearby that his team decided no to contract Vettel. Subsequently Ecclestone backed down and does not recommend his friend the chasing of illusions:

‘Chasing the Mercedes dream does not make any sense anymore. Toto Wolff surely made his future plans, he relies on the experienced Bottas, and the well trained young titan, George Russell. Why should they contract Sebastian? For him it would be best to skip 2021 and then to return with a fresh and strengthened mind. He is still very young, he can do this!’

As mentioned earlier, Vettel may attract attention with a strong season  which could eliminate all former doubts concerning him. Bernie Ecclestone considers that this will not be easy:

‘Scuderia seems to disagree with Mercedes, beside the Germans another favorite is the Red Bull. However, should the red car prove to be the best, it still would not be logical to support the leaving Vettel against their own promising racer.’ – stated directly the former F1 CEO.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: FormulaSpy

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