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BREAKING: Vettel does have a future at Red Bull

In the recent past, Red Bull Racing’s leadership has stated numerous times that they respect Vettel’s work and they have a great relationship – but there is no reality in him returning to the team’s stables. Well, according to international professional press, it’s quite the opposite.

The team started the season with a great background, having a lead driver in Max Verstappen, and after his spectacular introduction last year, Alexander Albon also has ambitious plans, with the team expecting a lot of him. But while Verstappen’s place on the team is set in stone, there are certain voices whispering that if the British-Thai driver won’t start chipping away at his disadvantage soon, he might well be replaced.

No one would be surprised if Red Bull would make such a move, just look at their driver changes in the past few months. Enter Sebastian Vettel: at this time, it’s still hard to image how a team made up of Verstappen and Vettel would look, but as we know, there are no two similar days in Formula 1, and essentially, anything can happen. Especially if one of the association’s powerful players wants it as well.

The always well-informed Italian press seems to think that Dietrich Mateschitz is really keen on getting a contract for the German, with whom he is close friends and with whom the team has achieved its most significant successes. We don’t know what will come of the whole ordeal, plus, this entire situation poses several new and interesting questions.

Knowing the history behind it, maybe the most important question would be: why would it be good for Sebastian Vettel to get out of the frying pan and into the fire, and go from racing alongside one of the most talented young drivers out there to riding with Verstappen, who is currently top3?

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: XPB Images

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