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Christian Horner: ‘Hamilton Should Apologize To Us!’

The Red Bull Racing Team Leader had a very bad day yesterday, because of two reasons: Not only did the technology betray Max Verstappen, but the excellent user of the tire strategy and the in front driving Alexander Albon was also unable to finish the race.

Albon was not a victim of technical circumstances, but it was Lewis Hamilton who got him. Of course, Horner expressed his discontentment:

‘Alex really ran a good race. However, he was unable to exploit the advantages granted by the tire strategy, because after Brazil, Hamilton kicked him put again. I am getting the impression that he is doing this on purpose… Albon basically was done with the overtaking and left him more than enough space, so complied with the rules.

He applied the sticking tactics granted advantage and overtook him easily, however he couldn’t enjoy his success. According to our calculation he could have even won the race. The five-second penalty is not good for anyone, it does not help, it does not bring back the missed opportunity nor does it scare Hamilton away from doing something similar again.’ – hammered justified the leader of the energy drink team.

What do you think? Was this punishment enough for Hamilton, or should he have been subjected to a more severe punishment?

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Red Bull Racing

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